Cartagena de Indias for Couples

Columbia is synonymous with majestic realism and splendid vibes, combining traditional values with modernity. It has some of the best destinations for couples, including romantic partners, spouses, and honeymooners.

However, nothing matches the romantic vibes of Cartagena, an impressive city surrounded by natural landscapes, world-class villas, fantastic boutique hotels, comfortable gourmet restaurants, and picturesque beaches.

While Cartagena offers something for everyone, it is a unique and romantic place for romantic couples and partners. If you have decided to visit Cartagena with your significant other, we recommend the following things.

A Day Trip to the Rosario Islands

The Rosario islands surround Cartagena, boating numerous coral islands, picturesque landscapes, and secluded beaches with turquoise waters and white-powdery sand.

We recommend renting a yacht for the day to enjoy with your spouse or romantic partner. When you take a yacht or boat, it will take at least one to two hours to reach the island.

 So, the excursion to the islands makes the boat trip special. While you can find many beaches, we suggest spending quality time at Agua Azul on Baru Island. It is the best beach for romantic couples seeking paradise-like natural beauty, secluded areas for intimacy, and coco-loco cocktails.

Enjoy a Romantic Horse & Carriage Ride

Nothing is unique than exploring Cartagena in a nostalgic, traditional, and comfortable horse-drawn carriage. Couples can explore the historical old town on a horse & carriage ride and spend quality time together. We suggest taking the ride in the evening for a more romantic experience.

The old town of Cartagena dates back to the 15th century, showcasing Spanish colonial architecture. Therefore, exploring this side of the city on horse and carriage will allow you to picture yourself in the colonial atmosphere and experience what romance was like in yesteryears.

Experience the Magical Sunset

The old town of Cartagena is perfect for enjoying the magical sunset. So, grab a drink, find an ideal spot, give a hug to your romantic partner, and relish the beauty together.

There are numerous places to sit down and drink with your romantic partner. For example, Café Del Mar is perfect for gazing at the sunset, recalling your memories, smiling and kissing each other, and watching the reddish/golden sunset.

Soothe Your Skin at Totumo Mud Volcano

The Totumo Mud Volcano is a fun, entertaining, and romantic activity for couples. Visiting the place and applying the mineral-rich mud on your body will soothe your muscles and nourish your skin with essential nutrients. You will feel refreshed, and your skin will glow the next day. So, if you want to have fun with your romantic partner, you can’t miss Cartagena’s Totumo Mud Volcano.

Spend Quality Time at Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca’s romantic beach escape is an excellent way to take a walk with your spouse on the sandy stretch, relish the refreshing air, and enjoy the calm turquoise waves of the ocean.

It is directly proportional to soothing your mind and forcing your brain to release dopamine, a hormone that creates romantic sensations. Playa Blanca is 45 minutes away from Cartagena’s downtown. We recommend visiting this beach in the afternoon for snorkeling and swimming.

Have a Romantic Dinner

Cartagena offers tons of dining options, from street food to cafes to fine dining restaurants. The city is one of the romantic places for couples to reserve a table in a restaurant, enjoy the intimate ambiance, and satisfy their taste buds by consuming delicious dishes, including seafood.

Final Words

Cartagena is on the Caribbean coast, boasting picturesque views and a lush green landscape. It also has a mesmerizing colonial charm, making it a perfect romantic getaway for couples, spouses, and gf/bf.

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