Cartagena de Indias for New Year’s Eve

People love celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cartagena because it offers uniqueness and creates a sense of enthusiasm, energy, and positivity. So, what’s better than enjoying the New Year and making optimistic pledges about your new beginnings?

While Columbia is famous for its festive traditions, Cartagena offers the best opportunities for tourists to participate in New Year’s Eve celebrations. So, welcome to Cartagena, the best party town in the Caribbean. Let us discuss what you can do at Cartagena de Indias for New Year’s Eve. Read on!

Reserve a Table for Dinner

Do you want to celebrate the New Year in style? If yes, reserve a spot at your favorite restaurant. Cartagena has many world-class hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes, and bars for special events like New Year’s Eve, offering planned parties, unforgettable feasts, and mind-blowing music/dance.

Because most restaurants sell out New Year events in advance, you must book your reservation to avoid complications. If you want a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or take your partner on a New Year’s date, we recommend the following restaurants:

  • Lobo Del Mar
  • Celele
  • Carmen Restaurant
  • La Unica
  • La Cocina de Pepina

Enjoy the Magical Fireworks

Cartagena has plenty of spots to relish the New Year’s Eve fireworks. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the environment and celebrate the fireworks with locals, head to the Parque de la Marina. Bear in mind that locals will arrive early with a dinner, chairs, and blankets to sit on and wait for the magical moment.

On the other hand, you can buy some mouthwatering Columbian street food and rent a table and chairs at the park. The firework show starts at 12:00 AM, but you must arrive early to occupy a spot in the park.

The Clock Tower Viewpoint is another beautiful place in Cartagena to experience magical fireworks on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. It allows you to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of the city at midnight, making it a perfect place for relishing the magnificent fireworks.

Moreover, You will see people listening to live music, eating delicious food, drinking cocktails and drinks, and dance. If you are a solo traveler looking for dance, you can find some girls or boys and even take selfies with them.

Revel in the Festive New Year Parties

New Year’s Eve celebrations are incomplete without the vibrant nightlife, and Cartagena is a Columbian city that never gets you bored. Plenty of bars and clubs stay open late on December 31st and January 1st.

Some clubs and bars even host fantastic festive and dance parties with live music. These clubs have the sexiest, hottest, and most intimate environment with dynamic and energetic ambiance.

Head to the San Diego Square

San Diego Square is Cartagena’s most energetic and lively place to experience New Year’s Eve celebrations. Thousands of locals and hundreds of tourist flock to San Diego Square to enjoy the traditional street party, including live music, dance, cocktails, and drinks.

Because San Diego Square is the most crowded place in Cartagena and hosts famous events, you must reserve your seat to avoid problems. So, book your tickets in advance to ensure you enjoy the New Year’s party and experience the traditional vibes created by locals.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Cartagena is the most famous Caribbean city and tourist destination for celebrating New Year’s Eve. We recommend arriving in the town earlier and seeking the best packages from reputable companies like Prime Cartagena.

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