Cartagena de Indias for Travelers

Cartagena offers something for everyone, whether you are a backpacker, solo traveler, couple, family, or digital nomad. It is the most beautiful port city on the Caribbean coast, driving people from all over the world. Cartagena is famous for its colorful streets, colonial buildings, vibrant nightlife, and romantic spots.

Cartagena also boasts a rich history, friendly Columbians, and fantastic cuisine, making it an all-inclusive tourist destination. The weather is warm, humid, and breezy, with a 100% tropical environment that will give you peace of mind. Today’s article will list the best places to see and things to do in Cartagena de Indias.

Explore the Old Town

The old town attracts people of all ages and walks of life. It is Cartagena’s most photogenic place to explore with your wife, girlfriend, family, kids, or friends. The old town boasts brightly colored buildings and majestic colonial architecture that will leave you in awe.

You will see sturdy walks surrounding the heart of the old town and learn about the walls’ history. These walls protected the city from invaders and pirates in yesteryears. In addition, the old town has plenty of restaurants offering classic Columbian menus.

It has numerous lively and vibrant bars to relish adult life. However, the authentic charm of the old town is its historic monuments and scenic plazas with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.

Spend Quality Time at Plaza Santo Domingo

Plaza Santo Domingo is another lively place to visit in Cartagena, featuring fantastic restaurants and cafes. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in this beach town, allowing visitors to satisfy their taste buds by eating delicious, flavorful, and tasty native and international foods.

What makes Plaza Santo Domingo unique is the center of the square, crowded with tables, chairs, street musicians, and singers. So, not only do you enjoy the delicious food, but you also refresh your mind by listening to the melodious music. You can also buy souvenirs from street vendors.

While Plaza Santo Domingo has its unique charm, you can explore numerous historic sites, including the Reclining Women sculpture and Iglesia de Santo Domingo. So, we believe it is a perfect place to spend quality time.

Relax at the Gorgeous Rosario Islands

Cartagena is home to some of the most unique and charming beaches in the Caribbean. However, if you want to create memorable experiences, head to any of the Rosario islands. You will love the coral island surrounded by picturesque beaches with turquoise waters and white-powdery stretches of sand.

On the other hand, if you are in the mood to throw a party, we suggest renting a private boat or yacht. The good news is that “Prime Cartagena” offers the best private party tours at affordable prices. Likewise, this option is simply matchless if you travel in a group.

Moreover, visiting Cholon island is an excellent way to enjoy your adult life and create unforgettable experiences with your romantic partner or group of friends. Bora Bora is a beach club that offers a pleasant, lively, and luxurious atmosphere for private-beach-party seekers. Indeed, you will have fun enjoying the sun, cool breeze, and powdery sand.

Hike the La Popa Hill

Cartagena is synonymous with plenty of outdoor activities for adventure enthusiasts. For instance, you can hike up La Popa Hill, the second-tallest natural structure in Columbia and the most historic spot in Cartagena. La Popa Hill was a strategic military garrison for over two hundred years.

So, this is a must-visit spot to spend quality time with your adventure-seeking friends in a pleasant, sunny, warm environment. We recommend hiking La Popa Hill on weekends because once you reach the top, you will see many people enjoying a music show or concert.

Take Advantage of a Nightlife Tour

A nightlife tour is an excellent way to experience Cartagena’s vibrant nightlife. Taking a guided tour is beneficial in many ways. For example, the guide will take you to some of Cartagena’s most dynamic, liveliest, and hottest clubs or bars.

The purpose is to experience the energetic, romantic, and intimate atmosphere first-hand and create exceptional experiences. Some nightclubs offer private parties and services, allowing adults to enjoy a wild night out.

Enjoy the Local Columbian Cuisine

Cartagena has many restaurants and cafes serving delicious foods, including local and international dishes. However, seafood is Cartagena’s staple item to relish with your friends or family. In addition to seafood, you can enjoy Arroz con coco, a local dish made of rice and served with coconut milk.

Another popular local dish is bandeja paisa, made with beans, pork, beef, rice, avocado, and chorizo. You can also eat a chicken and vegetable stew, a famous Columbian classic called “sancocho de gallina.”

Final Words

The Caribbean is the most touristy region in the world, boasting many destinations, like Cancun, Tulum, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and many more. However, nothing matches the uniqueness and liveliness of Cartagena.

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